Sweet Potato Fries

3 Jun

4 1/2 Stars.



So one thing that we forgot to do was to soak the fries first. I think this might have affected the overall result of the fries (I would recommend trying it).  One big thing that we didn’t realize until a few days after we made these fries is that we accidentally used yams instead of sweet potatoes! It still turned out pretty good. Other than our random mistakes, just make sure to follow these instructions verbatim. Make sure that they are sliced well (not too thick, not too thin), that they have room on the pan (not too squished together), and that they are lightly (emphasis on the LIGHTLY) coated in corn starch (the less it seems, the better). These fries were delicious. We made our own sauce however; we just mixed some mayo and ketchup to a nice consistency and voila! Magic! We gave these 4 ½ stars.

Find the original recipe here:  http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/guaranteed-crispy-sweet-potato-fries-sriracha-mayo-dip/


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