Stuffed Green Bell Peppers

17 Jul

Oh so tasty! 5 stars all the way!

This was a really delicious meal!  We definitely recommend you try it because it has great flavor and is quite satisfying.

Instead of Italian sausage, we used lean ground beef, seasoned to taste.   We used hot sauce, garlic pepper, salt, Italian seasoning, and a little basil and we used less green peppers. This was so great to eat, and was even good as leftovers! It is very filling and will give you a lot for just one pound of beef along with the rest of the ingredients. We only used two peppers (instead of using the tops to put back in the peppers, I cut up a separate pepper to add to the mix). One recommendation would be to start cooking the brown rice a while before the rest of the meal.  It took the longest and we finished the mix long before the brown rice was done (and we put that on to cook first).  This was another recipe that definitely deserved 5 stars. (We are so lucky that we keep picking really good-tasting recipes).

Here is the link for the original recipe:

Photo above comes from the site above.


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