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Birthday Cake Batter Popcorn

17 Jul

Sweet deliciousness! 5 stars!


So this recipe is not a meal, but this stuff was soooooooo good!! 5 stars for sure. The recipe is pretty easy to follow, and don’t get stressed if the batter doesn’t look clumpy, but smooth.  It will harden just fine, and it tastes even better the next day.  The sprinkles make the meal.  Trust me; you are GOING to want to try this recipe!

Here is the original link:

Photo credit to the author of the site above.


Revolutionary Mac ‘n’ Cheese

17 Jul

It’s not bad. We’ll give it a 3.


This was pretty good. Two roommates gave it 5 stars, one gave it 3 stars. I personally didn’t think it was anything to scream about so I gave it a 3, but I also didn’t follow the directions completely. I was out of cheddar, so I used some mozzarella. I think it would actually be really good if some broccoli and chicken were added into the mix. It was pretty simple for the most part though. I really think I would try it again, this time with cheddar cheese, and some broccoli and chicken, and then we’ll see how it goes!

Find the original recipe here:

Photo credit to the site above.

Steamed Pork Buns- Nikuman

6 Jul

5 stars! You won’t regret making these.


Steamed Pork Buns.  Possibly one of the tastiest foods you’ll ever enjoy.  This is once again, a Japanese dish because I’ve been on a little Asian cuisine kick since I’m leaving for Asia the first week of August.  I can’t wait!  But, that’s beside the point.  When you’re making these buns it seems like they aren’t going to be very big, but once you steam them they grow quite a bit.  Mine didn’t turn out quite as beautiful as the ones in the original recipe post, but oh man…they tasted so good!


One thing I noticed when I was making the dough is that the recipe doesn’t use enough milk  so add milk as needed.  I’m not sure how much more I used but the recommended 2/3 cup milk is definitely not enough.

The hardest part about making these is getting the dough to stick together when you are wrapping everything up.  To help you do this, brushing the edges of the dough with a little bit of milk helps the buns stick together.

As a note, I used my rice cooker to steam these since it has a steamer setting on it and I don’t have an actual steamer.


Here is the original recipe:


6 Jul

4 1/2 Stars! Try it!

Here’s a pretty well known fact about me.  I love Japan.  I love Japanese food.  There has rarely been a Japanese dish that I haven’t liked.  Omurice no exception.  Basically it’s a rice omelet and it’s HEAVENLY!  I first found the recipe on YouTube and now it’s a comfort food essential for me.  I always try to get my mom to try it but she’s a bit of a wimp when it comes to new foods so she won’t do it.  One of the great things about this meal is that it’s really easy.  I’ll post the video from YouTube, which teaches you how to make it, but I’ll list what I did differently right now.

This is how I make omurice:

1.  Fry the rice in Teriyaki sauce.

2.  Add canned chicken or tuna into the fried rice.

3.  Make the omelet.

4. Wrap the omelet and the rice up.

The original recipe calls for onion, sugar and consomme powder but I never use those.  Seriously though, try this recipe.  It’s filling and super satisfying.  You won’t regret it.

Here is the link to the video:

Bow Tie Pasta with Broccoli Pesto

3 Jun

4 1/2 Stars! So good!


So with this recipe, it was pretty much just one of those inspired ones. We bought pesto in a jar, cooked noodles (any type works) according to directions, used chicken in a can (we shredded it), added the prescribed garlic and went to town. We pretty much just cooked the noodles, drained the water, and threw the ingredients in the pot until it looked good. We poured some lemon juice in, spooned in the pesto, threw in some salt and pepper and then steamed some broccoli for the side. Although this was a super simple, fairly quick meal, it was pretty delicious! We gave it 4 ½ stars. We also made it more than once. (It was that easy and that good).


Try this recipe!  Find it here:

Sweet Potato Fries

3 Jun

4 1/2 Stars.



So one thing that we forgot to do was to soak the fries first. I think this might have affected the overall result of the fries (I would recommend trying it).  One big thing that we didn’t realize until a few days after we made these fries is that we accidentally used yams instead of sweet potatoes! It still turned out pretty good. Other than our random mistakes, just make sure to follow these instructions verbatim. Make sure that they are sliced well (not too thick, not too thin), that they have room on the pan (not too squished together), and that they are lightly (emphasis on the LIGHTLY) coated in corn starch (the less it seems, the better). These fries were delicious. We made our own sauce however; we just mixed some mayo and ketchup to a nice consistency and voila! Magic! We gave these 4 ½ stars.

Find the original recipe here: