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Cowboy Caviar

17 Jul

Eat this. It’s 5 stars!


Ok.  Here’t the thing about this recipe.  It’s fantastic.  And super healthy. If you need something easy and quick, this is the way to go.

We recommend using Tostito’s Scoops for this salsa so you can grab as much as possible! The only thing that we can suggest for this recipe is possibly adding another avocado to the mix. Other than that, it was a really simple recipe (the seasoning is really to taste) and it took no time at all. The whole bowl that was made was gone within just a couple hours (it was a very large bowl). We gave this recipe 5 stars.  We can’t wait to make it again!

Check out the original recipe here:

Photo credit to the site above.


Stuffed Green Bell Peppers

17 Jul

Oh so tasty! 5 stars all the way!

This was a really delicious meal!  We definitely recommend you try it because it has great flavor and is quite satisfying.

Instead of Italian sausage, we used lean ground beef, seasoned to taste.   We used hot sauce, garlic pepper, salt, Italian seasoning, and a little basil and we used less green peppers. This was so great to eat, and was even good as leftovers! It is very filling and will give you a lot for just one pound of beef along with the rest of the ingredients. We only used two peppers (instead of using the tops to put back in the peppers, I cut up a separate pepper to add to the mix). One recommendation would be to start cooking the brown rice a while before the rest of the meal.  It took the longest and we finished the mix long before the brown rice was done (and we put that on to cook first).  This was another recipe that definitely deserved 5 stars. (We are so lucky that we keep picking really good-tasting recipes).

Here is the link for the original recipe:

Photo above comes from the site above.


6 Jul

4 1/2 Stars! Try it!

Here’s a pretty well known fact about me.  I love Japan.  I love Japanese food.  There has rarely been a Japanese dish that I haven’t liked.  Omurice no exception.  Basically it’s a rice omelet and it’s HEAVENLY!  I first found the recipe on YouTube and now it’s a comfort food essential for me.  I always try to get my mom to try it but she’s a bit of a wimp when it comes to new foods so she won’t do it.  One of the great things about this meal is that it’s really easy.  I’ll post the video from YouTube, which teaches you how to make it, but I’ll list what I did differently right now.

This is how I make omurice:

1.  Fry the rice in Teriyaki sauce.

2.  Add canned chicken or tuna into the fried rice.

3.  Make the omelet.

4. Wrap the omelet and the rice up.

The original recipe calls for onion, sugar and consomme powder but I never use those.  Seriously though, try this recipe.  It’s filling and super satisfying.  You won’t regret it.

Here is the link to the video:

Garlic and Lemon Chicken with Green Beans and Red Potatoes

15 Jun

5 Stars! Woo! This dish is heavenly!


We followed this recipe to the tee except for using a little less of everything because our pan wasn’t big enough.  This recipe was great if for no other reason than fact that our whole apartment smelled like lemons.  If you like a bit of the citrusy-tangy taste, then this recipe is for you!  It tasted fantastic, was perfectly tender and felt good for the soul!  We gave it 5, well deserved, stars.  We definitely recommend this recipe to everyone!


Click this link for the original recipe: